Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are protein powders and why should I use them? Protein powders are dietary supplements that contain concentrated sources of protein, such as whey, casein, or plant-based proteins. They are often used to increase protein intake, support muscle recovery, and promote muscle growth after workouts.

2. What types of protein powders does offer? offers a wide range of protein powders, including whey protein, casein protein, plant-based proteins such as pea and hemp protein, and more. We strive to provide high-quality products that cater to various nutritional needs.

3. How can I calculate my protein intake? Generally, it is recommended to consume between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight daily, depending on your activity level and goals. You can calculate your protein intake by multiplying your weight in kilograms by the recommended protein intake.

4. Are protein powders safe? Yes, protein powders are generally safe for most people when used as directed. However, it is always advisable to follow the instructions on the product label and, if necessary, seek medical advice, especially if you have specific health concerns or are pregnant.

5. Can I use protein powders if I'm lactose intolerant or vegan? Yes, we offer lactose-free protein powders, such as plant-based proteins, for individuals with lactose intolerance. For vegans, we also provide a range of plant-based proteins that are free from animal ingredients.

6. How should I consume protein powders for optimal results? The best time to consume protein powders is typically within 30 minutes to an hour after your workout, as your muscles are most receptive to nutrients during this time. You can also add protein powders to smoothies, oatmeal, or other recipes for an extra protein boost throughout the day.

7. Do you also have supplements for weight loss? Yes, in addition to protein powders, we offer a range of supplements that can aid in weight loss, such as fat burners, meal replacements, and thermogenic products. However, it is important to combine a healthy diet and exercise with supplements for effective results.

8. What are the shipping options and delivery times? We offer various shipping options depending on your location and preference. Delivery times may vary, but we strive to process and deliver orders as quickly as possible. You can find detailed information about shipping options and delivery times during checkout.

9. What is's return policy? We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us within a certain period after receiving your order for return instructions and a refund or exchange of the product.

10. How can I contact's customer service? For any inquiries, comments, or assistance, you can contact our customer service via email at Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you with all your questions.